As the vegan community grows in size, the proportion of vegans who refuse to date meat-eaters will increase, according to a recent survey conducted by German online dating platform Gleichklang. The survey—which analyzed the search preferences of more than 30,000 vegetarian and 9,000 vegan members and ex-members—suggests that vegans have a clear preference when looking for partners. Four out of five vegans (79 percent) do not want a relationship with a meat-eater who will continue eating meat in the future. One out of four vegans (24 percent) demanded that their future partner already be vegan or vegetarian, while more than half (55 percent) would be satisfied if a future partner was willing to become vegan or at least vegetarian during the relationship. According to psychologist Dr. Guido F. Gebauer, who performed the analysis, it is psychologically understandable that vegans have a strong preference for a like-minded partner since the lifestyle involves deeply-rooted moral convictions that have a major influence on everyday life.