Online marketplace Amazon announced it would no longer sell foie gras—“fatty liver” created by force-feeding geese or ducks—in California. Amazon made the commitment as part of a $100,000 lawsuit settlement filed against the retail giant by prosecutors in Los Angeles, Monterey, and Santa Clara for violating a law that prohibits the sale of the cruelly begotten animal product in California. After a lengthy battle, the state’s law went into effect in 2012 but was overturned in 2015. In 2017, judges in the 9th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals voted unanimously to reinstate the ban—which has yet to be approved by state legislators. In April, delivery service Postmates announced that it would no longer deliver foie gras, a move that animal-rights groups are urging Amazon to make outside of California. “It’s high time for Amazon to follow the lead of Postmates and ban foie gras completely,” Ari Solomon, vice president of social impact for Mercy For Animals, said. “The largest online retailer in the world has no business making money off such egregious animal cruelty.”

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