On Friday, English musician DJ Michael Savage mixed a 12-hour set dedicated solely to the 1982 song “Africa” by Toto at Bristol venue Exchange in order to raise funds for human-rights organization Temwa. During the grueling set, Savage fueled himself with coffee, cider, and vegan sausage rolls sourced from the venue’s adjacent vegan eatery—which had to open late the next day after feeding all of the marathon attendees. In addition to sausage rolls, the café offers venue-goers various pastries, salads, and special items such as all-day breakfast burritos and barbecue pulled jackfruit sandwiches. “Everyone at the Exchange was really supportive from start to finish and lots of friends came along to cheer me on which was much needed, especially towards the end,” Savage told Bristol Post. After completing the set, Savage said he could “barely talk” and “was shaking from sleep deprivation,” but that he had no regrets about putting on the event—which raised £5,000 ($6,356) for Temwa, allowing the organization to provide more than 200 African families with access to clean water.

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