Finland-based burger shop Bun2Bun recently removed all animal products from the menu of its three Helsinki locations to become the nation’s first all-vegan burger chain. The chain now uses Beyond Burger patties and non-dairy condiments in place of their animal-based counterparts to send a message to other businesses that a fully vegan menu is easy and beneficial. “As an entrepreneur, I need to do my part as well for the environment,” Bun2Bun co-owner Pertti Kallioinen told local media outlet News Now Finland. “Changing the whole thing to vegan is maybe a small step for something bigger.” Bun2Bun is currently offering four burger varieties— “juicy ones and classic ones”—but plans to expand its menu in the near future. “The bottom line is that no animals were harmed in making these burgers,” Kallioinen said. “[Veganism] is the future. It’s not even the future, it’s today.” Last year, McDonald’s added the soy-based McVegan burger to its permanent menu across the Nordic region and expanded its vegan offerings with a new burger, the limited-time El Veggo, in November.

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