McDonald’s Finland Debuts New Vegan “El Veggo” Burger

McDonald’s Finland Debuts New Vegan “El Veggo” Burger

Step aside, McVegan, there’s a new vegan burger on the McDonald’s menu at 65 locations in Finland. 


McDonald’s added a new vegan burger to the menu of all of its 65 Finland locations from November 18 until December 27. The quarter-pound El Veggo burger (a vegan version of its meat-based El Maco) features a soy patty, tomato, spicy salsa, lettuce, and vegan McFeast sauce, all served on a sesame seed bun. In October 2017, McDonald’s tested another vegan burger, the McVegan—also made with a soy-based patty and served with egg-free “McFeast” sauce—at one location in Tampere, Finland. After a successful trial, the chain added the McVegan to its permanent menu across the Nordic region in December where it sold 150,000 vegan burgers within the first month. At this time, a spokesperson for McDonald’s Finland told VegNews that it does not plan to add the El Veggo to its permanent menu.

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