Renowned vegan cardiologist Joel Kahn recently debuted plant-based food truck ATXFoodCo in Austin, TX with an aim to make healthy food more accessible. Kahn worked with the truck’s head chef to create a menu that offers a doctor’s perspective on maximizing nutritional value and taste, including dishes such as the Energized Raw Sushi Bowl (kale, nori, ume plum brine, zucchini, tomatoes, avocado, pickled cabbage, and green goddess dressing); Sacred Autumn Stir Fry (lotus, wild mushrooms, kale, bell peppers, quinoa, pickled onion, and spicy ginger dressing); and Electrified Blueberry Pancakes (with sea moss, hemp seeds, walnuts, berries, coconut, and agave nectar). “Under the guidance of Chef Raad Mansour, the menu at ATXFoodCo is aligned with my 30 years of teaching cardiology prevention in my practice,” Kahn told VegNews. “Using fresh, plant-based, whole foods that are alkaline by nature and provide all of the 102 minerals the body needs to thrive, the food is ideal for all and will support renewed health for many.” Last year, Kahn expanded his Detroit-based eatery Greenspace Cafe with fast-casual offshoot Greenspace Grill & Go.

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