Camilla Ainsworth, a finalist on British reality show The Apprentice, recently launched a limited-edition M+LKPLUS Salted Honeycomb Hazelnut vegan milk. The grab-and-go milk is available in 11-ounce bottles and is made with hazelnuts blended with filtered water, rice flour, and sweetened with natural fruit extract. “M+LKPLUS was originally created to fulfill a personal need when I was diagnosed as dairy intolerant and was wholly uninspired by the unnatural alternative ‘m+lks’ on the market,” Ainsworth told said. “It wasn’t long before I had the idea to create a super playful ‘grab and go’ nut m+lk to cater for busy millennial lives, in a variety of different nut choices and flavors.” M+LKPLUS is available for purchase online and will be sold at United Kingdom health retailer Holland & Barrett starting in January. “Having the opportunity to meet Holland & Barrett’s MD Steve Carson through my time on The Apprentice was a real game changer for me, and I couldn’t think of a better retailer to launch it with,” Ainsworth said.

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