Tesco Launches Private-Label Cheesy Vegan Pizza

Tesco Launches Private-Label Cheesy Vegan Pizza

UK-based retail giant Tesco adds a vegan and gluten-free margherita pizza to its vegan-friendly grocery options.


The United Kingdom’s Tesco supermarket recently launched a Tesco-brand prepared vegan margherita pizza. The Free From pizza is available in its refrigerator section for £3.50 ($4.68) and consists of a sourdough crust with tomato sauce and coconut-oil-based cheese. The clearly labelled, vegan-friendly pizza was uncovered by Instagrammer Shauny-May of England who shared the news along with a photo of the plant-based pizza. “OMG WHAT,” wrote Shauny-May. “Just saw this in the vegan UK Facebook group. Has anyone tried one yet?” In its efforts to meet rising British demand for vegan food, earlier this year, Tesco launched a Wicked Healthy line of vegan grab-and-go meals created by vegan chef brothers Derek and Chad Sarno, and appointed Derek Sarno as its Executive Chef and Director of Plant Based Innovation.

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