Australia’s Top Live Sheep Transporter Shut Down

The country’s government suspended the export license of Emanuel Exports—Australia’s largest exporter of live sheep—after 2,400 animals perished aboard its carrier due to heat exhaustion.


Last week, Australia’s Department of Agriculture and Water Resources suspended the live export license of Emanuel Exports—the country’s largest exporter of live sheep. The decision—which eliminates 50 percent of Australia’s live-sheep export—came after 2,400 sheep perished from heat exhaustion in 2017 on their way to slaughter in the Middle East aboard the company’s Awassi Express carrier. Emanuel is currently under criminal investigation for failing to provide adequate care, food, and water for the animals, in addition to overstocking its vessels to levels that caused sheep to become injured and eventually succumb to those injuries without on-board veterinary care. Vegan Saudi Arabian prince Khaled Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud backed the decision on social media, calling for an end to all live transport. “People can help themselves,” Prince Khaled said. “Those animals cooking alive and dying from dehydration, can’t. So let’s make the connection and fight for the weaker group here.”