Oatly Launches Canned Vegan Latte Line

The popular Swedish oat-milk brand expands its product line to include blended coffee beverages in three flavors.


This week, Sweden-based vegan brand Oatly announced the launch of three new blended coffee beverages to its oat-based product line. The new beverages come in 8-ounce cans in three flavors: Cold Brew Latte, Mocha Latte, and Matcha Latte. “It’s only available in Europe for now,” the company stated on Instagram, “but we hope to bring some more fun, oatsome things to the United States soon.” Earlier this year, Oatly launched a five-flavor line of vegan oat-based ice cream in Sweden, Norway, and Finland which it promoted in Stockholm via free samples served from its first ice cream truck. In coming months, the brand plans to bolster its US presence with new products such as “oatgurt” (vegan yogurt), “oat spread” (vegan cream cheese), and oat-based ice cream bars.

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