One in Five British Festival-Goers Wants Vegan Food

A survey of 2,000 Brits reveals summer festival trends such as ditching smartphones, alcohol, and animal products.


New research conducted by British entertainment company Barclaycard Perk Park found that one in five Brits prefer to consume vegan food when attending summer festivals. Researchers polled 2,000 festival-goers to collect data about various behaviors and found that 32 percent choose salads and smoothies over hot dogs and hamburgers, and 47 percent have changed their eating habits to boost their energy levels. “Our research shows it’s now as much about the performance on show as it is about the overall festival experience,” Barclaycard Head of Sponsorship Daniel Mathieson said, “whether that’s the food on offer or the acts on site.” Researchers also found that 33 percent of participants plan to reduce their consumption of alcohol, while 71 percent plan to disengage from their smartphones during festivals this summer.

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