Six Vegan Drag Queens Raise Funds for Animals

Honey LaBronx and vegan friends will take the stage in Los Angeles this week to raise money for VegFest Los Angeles and animal sanctuary Kindred Spirits Care Farm.


On Tuesday, six vegan drag queens will perform at gay bar Redline in Los Angeles with the mission of raising funds to support vegan organizations. Performers include Amber Crane, Cassandra Complex, Dusty Wigg, “Loris,” Sima Künt, and organizer Honey LaBronx (known as “The Vegan Drag Queen”). “I’ve been both a drag queen and a vegan for eight-and-a-half years now, but I’ve never really pursued it as a full time career,” LaBronx, who also hosts podcast Big Fat Vegan Radio, told VegNews. “When I got fired from another waiter gig in 2016, I told myself, ‘No one can ever fire me from being Honey LaBronx,’ and I declared that I would start touring the world doing something for animals.” At the beginning of 2018, LaBronx rented a car and has since performed across the country (as well as Iceland and England)—to date raising more than $17,000 for animals. “I have never been so satisfied in my life,” LaBronx, who aims to raise a total of $40,000 for animals this year, said. “Today when I get out of bed, it’s to do what I love, in service of the difference I want to make in the world.” Tickets for the Redline show are a suggested donation of $20 and proceeds will go to benefit vegan festival VegFest Los Angeles and farmed animal sanctuary and food justice organization Kindred Spirits Care Farm.