Vegan beer brand Yulli’s Brews recently opened a vegan brewery and tap room in Sydney, Australia. The vegan beer brand, founded by James Harvey and Karl Cooney four years ago, transformed a former mechanic’s garage into a two-story brewhouse that features a vegan restaurant serving dishes such as vegan dumplings stuffed with bunya nuts (similar to pine nuts) and Korean-inspired gyros. The brewery’s craft beer flavors are inspired by the founders’ friends and family, such as the “Norman Australian Ale,” made in honor of Cooney’s math teacher in high school. Point Break actor Luke Bracey, a friend of the founders, appeared on an episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote the company, which made a commercial featuring Bracey’s father. “We try to put a bit of a caricature behind it,” Harvey said of Yulli’s beer varieties. “There’s a lot of branding out there that’s very serious. But we like to have a bit of fun with it.” This week, United Kingdom-based beer company Wadworth announced that its removed all animal products from its award-winning Gold 6X gluten-free beer to appeal to vegan consumers.