Award-Winning British Beer Goes Vegan

Award-Winning British Beer Goes Vegan

Brewery Wadworth’s gluten-free beer 6X Gold—bronze medalist in last year’s International Beer Challenge—removed fish-derived fining agents to appeal to vegan beer-lovers. 


British brewery Wadworth announced this week that its award-winning gluten-free beer 6X Gold—which received a bronze medal in the 2017 International Beer Challenge—is now vegan. “6X Gold is extremely popular with drinkers who like beer and also those that need to choose a gluten-free diet,” Wadworth CEO Chris Welham said. “What became very apparent in our discussions with customers is that there is a real demand for vegan products, too. We set about changing the brewing process so that this award-winning beer is vegan also.” The beer was previously brewed using isinglass—a fining agent derived from fish bladders—which it has since replaced with animal-free silicate and polysaccharide agents. Similarly, iconic Irish beer company Guinness removed isinglass from its brewing process last year in a bid to appeal to vegan consumers.

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