For many people, the holidays are a time of indulgence. The festive season usually involves plenty of family time, plenty of food, and plenty of alcohol, too. In 2020, one survey suggested that nearly 25 percent of Americans become heavy drinkers over the holidays. But come January, more people than ever are also choosing to cut back on the booze following the excess of November and December. 

According to another survey by Morning Consult, a market research firm, 2022 was a particularly popular year for Dry January participation. But 2023 numbers for the initiative, which has been running since 2013, were still strong, with around 15 percent of adults choosing to give up alcohol for the whole month. 

It’s easier than it has ever been to go sober for January (or for much longer), thanks to the abundance of alcohol-free beer, spirit, and wine alternatives on the market now. Most popular alcohol brands offer zero-percent versions of their popular beverages—Peroni, Corona, and Heineken, to name a few.

Zero-ABV drinks offer the same taste as real booze, which reduces the feeling of missing out on your favorite drinks, just with none of the actual alcohol content. Interested in finding out more? Check out some of our favorite vegan-friendly, zero-alcohol brands below.


The benefits of going sober for January

Choosing to give up alcohol for January, or longer, comes with many benefits. We’ll start with the obvious: no hangovers. That groggy feeling, often accompanied by a headache, the morning after too many glasses of wine is officially a thing of the past.

But that’s not all. Going sober for January can also improve your sleep, your mood, your energy levels, and much more, according to US Davis Health. It can also help you to reevaluate your relationship with alcohol, and give you a chance to reset and cut down if you think you’re drinking too much. 

Drinking guidelines vary around the world, but in the US, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans note that men should limit their intake of alcohol to two drinks or less per day, while women should limit theirs to one drink or less per day.

Drinking too much alcohol can also increase the risk of chronic disease. “The evidence indicates that the more alcohol a person drinks, the higher his or her risk of developing alcohol-associated cancer,” notes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

So, to put it simply, there are many, many reasons to give Dry January a go in 2024. But if you’re looking to replace your regular go-to drink with an alcohol-free alternative, is it possible to find vegan options? Let’s dive in.

Are zero-alcohol spirits, wines, and beers vegan?

In general, alcoholic beverages can contain a variety of ingredients that may or may not be vegan. And this is the same for non-alcoholic or zero-alcohol versions. Zero-ABV wines or beers, for example, may be filtered with non-vegan fining agents, like isinglass (which comes from fish), gelatin, and egg whites. Just like their alcoholic counterparts, many creamy non-alcoholic liqueurs often include dairy, too. 

But just like the vegan options are increasing in the alcohol market, there are plenty of vegan choices in the zero-alcohol space, too. Below, we’ve included seven of our favorite brands so you can enjoy a guilt-free sober tipple this winter.

7 vegan-friendly zero-alcohol brands to try

VegNews.veganalcoholfreespirit.abstinencespiritsAbstinence Spirits

1 Abstinence Spirits

This popular, award-winning non-alcoholic spirit brand is 100 percent vegan. It offers a wide range of delicious alternatives, including Cape Citrus and Lemon Aperitif, which are both perfect for enjoying with a mixer or in a delicious mocktail. Whiskey lovers need to try Epilogue X, an alternative to American malted bourbon that has all the burn with none of the alcohol.
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2 Lyre’s

Whether you’re craving whiskey or gin, UK-based Lyre’s—which sells its products all over the world—has the zero-ABV version for you. Its Dry London Spirit is the perfect choice for a dry martini, for example. But it also tastes great with a slice of lime and some tonic.
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3 Grüvi

Everything at Denver-based zero-ABV brand Grüvi is vegan, apart from one option (the Mocha Nitro Stout contains lactose). Choose from a wide selection of beers, including a Juicy IPA and a Golden Lager, and wines, including a Dry Secco and Sangria.
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VegNews.vegannonalcoholicspirit.mondayDrink Monday

4 Drink Monday 

Based in Southern California, Drink Monday specializes in high-quality, non-alcoholic spirits made with natural ingredients. Plus, all of its drinks—including whiskey, mezcal, gin, and rum—are vegan, gluten-free, allergen-free, and calorie-free, too. “This is not a trend - this is a movement that refuses to choose between good health and great taste,” notes the brand.
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5 Strykk

UK brand Strykk doesn’t want you to “settle for mocktails.” Instead, it describes its popular spirit range as the perfect ingredient for “proper cocktails.” They’re not a subpar alternative, they’re the real deal. Learn how to make everything from Not Gin Bramble to Not Vodka Espresso Martini on its website.
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6 DrinkSip

This Venice, California brand is for the craft beer lovers among us. Its vegan Hazy IPA, for example, is an “IPA through and through,” notes the brand. [It’s] made in the modern hazy style,” it continues. “Thick and juicy, sweet and fruity but not afraid of a little bitterness.” For those who prefer something a little sweeter, there’s also a Watermelon Refresher, too.
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VegNews.veganalcoholfreewine.freFre Wines

7 Fre Wines

Sister winery to Sutter Homes, the popular alcoholic wine brand, California-based Fre Wines specializes in the same familiar quality, but without the alcohol. Choose from Sauvignon Blanc, Sparkling Brut, Moscato, and much more, all of which are made in the traditional way before the alcohol is removed. Plus, they’re totally vegan, too.
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