A 350-pound vegan s’more was created in Los Angeles last weekend in an attempt to break the previous Guiness World Record held by a 267-pound non-vegan s’more. Vegan brand Dandies partnered with Los Angeles-based film studio Pollution: Studios to create the massive vegan dessert, which was made with 100 pounds of Dandies marshmallows (which 600 volunteers hand-roasted throughout the night), more than 150 pounds of Enjoy Life Foods dark chocolate, and more than 80 pounds of vegan graham crackers (custom made by Calipto Foods) that were all assembled into 4-foot by 8-foot sandwich. “I’ve always thought that anything they can do, we can do vegan,” Dan Reed, Director of Marketing for Chicago Vegan Foods (parent company of Dandies), told VegNews. “Only we decided to do it bigger. We see this as a giant way to educate folks that there are more compassionate ways to enjoy our favorite around-the-campfire treat.” Guinness Book of World Records officials are currently verifying that the vegan s’more holds the new official record. “In the meantime,” Reed said, “we’ll be over here celebrating National S’mores Day [by] eating lots of miniature versions of the 350-pound monster we created this past weekend.”

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