Sales of Beyond Meat products in Hong Kong have quadrupled since the brand’s debut in April, according to David Yeung, the founder of vegetarian grocery and café chain Green Common. Beyond Meat launched several of its products, including the Beyond Burger and Beyond Chicken strips, at Green Common, where Yeung says the products are attracting a wide customer base. “The majority of our patrons are meat-eaters,” Yeung told media outlet Foodnavigator-Asia. “Once entering the store, their eyes and taste buds are opened to a whole new world, one which they have never experienced before.” To keep up with demand, Beyond Meat announced last month that it plans to open a second facility in Minnesota that will triple its production capacity as it prepares to launch in more than 50 countries by the end of summer. Beyond Meat is also innovating new products at a state-of-the-art research facility it opened in California in mid-July.

Photo courtesy of Green Queen

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