Canada-based vegan fast-food chain Globally Local will launch its own “bleeding” Preposterous Burger by the end of August. Globally Local CEO James McInnes told VegNews that the burger—which was in development for nearly one year—“bleeds” with the help of dehydrated beet extract. The patty is comprised of meat-like granules made from wheat, oat, and soy that are able to absorb and release fat and moisture to mimic the essential qualities of its animal-derived counterpart. “We wanted to create something that has the same look, feel, and sizzle of meat, without any compromise in flavor,” McInnes said. In addition to operating a food truck, Globally Local opened its first location in London, ON in January 2017, followed by a second London location in June featuring the world’s first 24-hour vegan drive thru, and is currently looking to expand to at least 10 North American franchise locations. McInnes plans to distribute the Preposterous Burger to Globally Local franchise locations and is in distribution negotiations with other North American fast-food chains, which he says have shown “significant interest” in the vegan burger. The company recently began operations at a new facility where it can produce 250,000 Preposterous Burgers per month, with plans to increase production based on demand. After the successful launches of United States-based Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger, a number of companies around the world have created their own versions of “bleeding” vegan burgers, including supermarket Iceland’s No Bull Burger, United Kingdom-based company Moving Mountains Foods’ B-12 Burger, and Don Lee Farms’ Organic Plant-Based Raw Burgers—which sold 1 million units at Costco in 60 days.

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