Vegan delicatessen Fred & Virginia recently opened as the first of its kind in Leamington Spa, a historic town in England. Mother-and-daughter team Jacquie Monteith and Lauren Castle founded the deli after they were unable to find products that met their dietary needs in one convenient place. Fred & Virginia offers a selection of items such as aquafaba-based vegan mayo, fruit snacks, and other allergen-friendly pantry products. The shop’s deli counter prepares lunch items such as salads with Middle Eastern-spiced sweet potatoes, sandwiches accentuated with tzatziki coconut cream cheese, and vegetable-loaded wraps made with vegan cheese slices, and pastries for dessert. “We have put our heart and soul into launching and we hope that our passion for quality produce can encourage people to explore new food combinations and have great fun doing so,” Monteith told local media outlet The Warwick Courier. “We genuinely believe that we can revolutionize the way people think about food and the produce they consume, marrying great customer service with a unique food experience that is truly inclusive and champions sustainability.”

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