United States-based company Lightlife Foods, a pioneer in meatless meat products since 1979, will launch nine of its most popular products in Canada. Starting this month, the company will offer its tempeh strips, hot dogs, meatballs, sausages, chicken tenders, meat grounds, and deli slices in the produce or refrigerated sections of national retailers such as Walmart and Sobeys. “It’s a really proud moment for us here at Lightlife,” Lightlife president Dan Curtin said. “Plant-based foods appeal to consumers following all types of diets—from vegan to flexitarian—as the benefits are becoming recognized around the globe. Lightlife has a proud history of making great-tasting plant-based proteins and we’re excited to offer Canadians some of our bestsellers from here in the US.” Last year, Lightlife was acquired for $140 million by Canadian meat company Maple Leaf Foods which strategically bought the company to increase its presence in the growing plant-based sector.

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