Tyler “Ty” Kelly, a professional baseball player for the New York Mets, recently explained his transition to veganism. “In the NFL there’s quite a bit of money that goes into their nutrition and things like that, and they’re expected to run and jump at the highest level,” Kelly told media outlet NorthJersey.com. “In baseball, it’s one of those things where guys have always gotten by on just a dad bod.” To avoid said “dad bod,” Kelly—an ambidextrous, Triple-A utility player (meaning he plays multiple positions)—eats Boca burgers, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, rice and tofu dishes, and vegan options from Chipotle when he is on the road. Kelly’s vegan transition was influenced by films such as Vegucated and What the Health, and a realization that all animals deserve fair treatment. “It seems less hypocritical than eating animals,” Kelly said, “and sort of just picking and choosing which animals we eat and which we find really cute and don’t eat.”