The global egg replacer industry will be worth $1.6 billion by 2028—up from $980 million in 2018—according to market intelligence firm Facts MR. The company advises that producers of baked goods and other items reliant on eggs consider using vegan alternatives to cut costs and stay ahead of the consumer shift toward plant-based foods. “The outbreak of several epidemics from birds is having a profound influence on global consumption of eggs. This has led to an intense egg supply crisis causing various constraints apropos of egg supplies,” the researchers stated. “Also, the global food industry has witnessed a paradigm shift over the past few years, with [an] increasing number of consumers preferring vegan diet over a non-vegetarian diet. This, in turn, is poised to bode well for egg replacement ingredients market.” California-based company JUST found success with its vegan JUST Mayo condiment during the 2015 bird flu epidemic in the United States, and has recently begun expanding distribution of its vegan JUST Egg to serve the growing egg replacer industry.

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