Innovative vegan egg replacer JUST Egg, made by food technology startup JUST, made its New England debut this week at restaurants owned by the Clover Food Lab group—including Clover’s 24-hour restaurant in Boston’s Central Square. The restaurant chain will serve JUST Egg inside the JUST Egg and Pepper sandwich—a plant-based take on a popular Bostonian pizzeria staple—which features seared bell peppers and caramelized onions. “JUST Egg is a truly revolutionary product, fitting perfectly with our aspirations of helping carnivores and omnivores fall in love with vegetables,” Clover founder Ayr Muir said. “Ever since we tasted the current version, we’ve been super excited to cook with it, and now we can’t wait to hear what our customers think when they taste it in the context of a Clover sandwich.” Clover was one of the first eateries to replace egg-based mayonnaise with vegan JUST Mayo and, in addition to the new sandwich, will also offer vegan JUST Cookie Dough (in a cup with a built-in spoon). “I’m proud that the first bites of JUST Egg in New England will be with our trailblazing friends in Boston,” JUST CEO Josh Tetrick said. JUST Egg debuted last year at Flore restaurant in San Francisco and is now gaining distribution nationwide, including at vegan chain Veggie Grill, where it is served as part of a new all-day breakfast burrito.