New York-based coffee brand RISE Brewing Co. will be the first to debut a canned oat milk-based latte in the United States in September. The brand’s new product line includes three flavors, two of which are vegan: Mocha Latte and Oat Milk Latte. RISE tested a variety of plant-based milks in the formulation before landing on oat-based milk, a dairy alternative CEO Grant Gyesky enjoys himself. “I remember walking down the street in the 100-degree heat drinking a cold brew with oat milk through a straw, thinking it was one of the best drinks I have ever had,” Gyesky recounted to Refinery29. “From that moment on, I was convinced that oat milk was RISE’s future.” The brand launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in June to promote the new product line and received $5,608 more than its $20,000 goal. While RISE will be the first brand to launch a canned oat milk latte (available on Amazon and Whole Foods Markets) in the United States, Swedish brand Oatly launched three vegan oat milk latte flavors in European markets in June.