Vegan Prince Khaled Alwaleed bin Talal’s two investment companies will open their offices next week in Dubai. Prince Khaled shared a first look at the open-concept office on a recent Instagram story, touting 100-percent cruelty-free, faux-leather furniture. Khaled founded both KBW Investments and KBW Ventures, the slogans of which read: “We invest in companies that drive the future.” Continuing his efforts to bring more attention to veganism in the Middle East, Prince Khaled plans to open 10 vegan restaurants by 2020. Earlier this month, KBW Ventures partnered with Saudi Arabia’s Humane Society to install 40 water tanks to help stray dogs and cats, as well as wild animals in Riyadh. Recently, KBW announced a partnership with National Geographic to provide an animal-free aquarium experience called “National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey” to 10 regions in the Middle East.

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