Chobani CEO Supports Plant-Based Yogurt

Chobani CEO Supports Plant-Based Yogurt

Hamdi Ulukaya teased a potential plant-based Chobani line at a tech conference in New York.


Hamdi Ulukaya, CEO of Greek-yogurt giant Chobani, expressed his respect for plant-based yogurt brands during a recent technology conference in New York. Recode reporter Kara Swisher asked Ulukaya about the trends in the yogurt industry, stating that she was confused about the soy- and cashew-based items she found at the supermarket. “I think that plant-based is real,” Ulukaya responded, before teasing that a plant-based Chobani product could be in development. “I respect what’s happening [with] plant-based products. I really do.” Last year, Chobani awarded $25,000 to seven startups in its Chobani Food Incubator (CFI), which included vegan ice cream brands Snow Monkey and Chloe’s Fruit Pops.

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