California-based food company Don Lee Farms’ vegan Organic Plant-Based Burger—made from a blend of beans, seeds, and beet juice that sizzles on the grill and “bleeds” just like real beef—is being offered on Amazon’s fleet of mobile Treasure Trucks starting today. The hand-picked, must-have item can be ordered through Amazon’s website or app, and picked up at Treasure Truck pick-up locations in cities from Los Angeles, CA to Philadelphia, PA. “Amazon chooses just one product and one deal to feature on their trucks; our Organic Plant-Based Burger is trending and they took notice,” Danny Goodman, Don Lee Farms product development spokesperson, told VegNews. “It’s a great way for Amazon to focus on what’s been one of the biggest stories in food: plant-based foods continue to enter the mainstream. Our burger, which completely replaces raw beef, is the fastest growing in its category.” The vegan burger, which launched earlier this year at Costco stores and sold 1 million units in less than 60 days, is also available at Whole Foods, Walmart, and Smart & Final, and will soon hit shelves at all Wegmans and HEB locations nationwide.

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