Italian gelateria Dri Dri debuted its vegan Italian-style gelato in the United States this month with a mobile gelato truck at Los Angeles’ Huntington Library. Custom designed in Italy, Dri Dri’s authentic retro truck serves gelato made from a blend of rice and almond milks in flavors such as Almond, Espresso Coffee, Cookie Dough, Pistachio, Coconut, and Strawberry. “I like to say that our gelato is conceived in Italy and made locally to emphasize both the respect of the Italian tradition in gelato-making, as well as the small batch, artisan approach to our product,” Dri Dri Founder Adriano di Petrillo said. “For the US market, we have developed a dedicated, dairy-free range of flavors. They taste so good and are so creamy that it is difficult to distinguish them from our normal, dairy-based gelato!” Dri Dri also has locations in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and Brazil, and plans to expand to San Francisco by December.