Poland’s first vegan butcher Meatless Meat Shop has launched new and improved products and an online store with the help of a successful crowdfunding campaign. Meatless Meat Shop’s online store offers a full range of classic vegan meats made from wheat protein, such as Frankfurters, Juniper Sausage, Pepperoni, and Roast. These products are available individually or in packages, such as the “Grill Package”—which includes burgers, bacon, Herb-Garlic Gyros, and Sweet-Chili Kabobs—that can be ordered for next-day delivery. The shop’s products are also available at select stores throughout Poland. “Our products are geared towards everyone,” Meatless Meat Shop Co-Founder Igor Sadurski said. “Vegans, vegetarians, people who would like to stop eating meat entirely or partly, but fear they will miss the taste, but also anyone seeking variety in their diet.” Due to the popularity of their products, Sadurski and his business partner Rafal Czech plan to develop a distribution network in Poland to make Meatless Meat Shop products (such as upcoming vegan ribs) more readily available, and are looking into foreign expansion in the years ahead.

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