A group of 10 companies—which collectively serve 60 million meals annually in their dining facilities—took the Cool Food Pledge (CFP) today during the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco. CFP is an initiative created by a cooperative of environmental groups, including World Resources Institute (WRI) and UN Environment, with the goal of reducing global greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by 2030 through promoting plant-based foods within the food-service industry. The founding cohort of CFP signatories includes companies such as Morgan Stanley, California Academy of Sciences, Monde Nissin, UCLA Health, and WeWork—which announced in July that it would no longer pay for employee meals that contained meat. CFP signatories will be provided with resources and guidance to develop plant-based dishes and promote environmentally friendly eating habits to their employees through targeted strategies. A quantitative report will be published annually about the companies’ collective progress toward the established goal. “Our research shows that the average American could cut their diet-related environmental impacts—including land use and greenhouse gas emissions—by nearly half, just by increasing the share of plant-based foods in their diet,” WRI Food program associate Richard Waite told VegNews. “We’re hoping that the CFP will one day help restaurants, corporate cafeterias, universities, hospitals, and other large food providers serve billions of climate-friendly meals every year—empowering Americans to fight climate change with their forks.”