Turkey’s all-vegan hotel The Vegan Lodge will open in March in the Olympos region of resort city Antalya. The 34-room hotel will offer standard corner rooms and garden rooms for up to two adults, and family rooms for adults and children. All materials used in the hotel, including toiletries, cleaning materials, and textiles, will not contain animal products. The hotel uses solar energy to heat the rooms and water, and grows its own fruit and vegetables such as olives and pomegranates on the premises. Mediterranean-style vegan meal options include homemade burgers, falafel, pasta, grain bowls for lunch, and buffet-style breakfast platters, pastries, salads, and hot appetizers. The Vegan Lodge also features two swimming pools, a gym and yoga hall, and activities such as culinary workshops and fitness classes. “I see how difficult it is for vegans to have a hassle-free holiday, especially in foreign countries when they have to explain what vegans eat and do not eat,” Vegan Lodge owner Emre Dilek told VegNews. “I aim to show guests that a comfortable and enjoyable holiday that doesn’t harm the environment and other species is possible.” Similarly, Hilton Hotels revealed its first vegan suite in London last week, complete with furniture made with pineapple-derived leather, pillows stuffed with buckwheat husks instead of feathers, a vegan room-service menu, and a vegan mini-bar stuffed with treats.