This week, Hilton Hotels unveiled its first vegan suite inside the Bankside location in London. The Hilton Bankside hotel consulted with The Vegan Society to create the suite which features a host of cruelty-free amenities. “Here at Hilton London Bankside, we’re always looking at ways to innovate and bring new experiences to our guests,” Bankside London general manager James B. Clarke said. “Our Oxbo restaurant offering is already expansive, catering to many different dietary requirements, so we thought, why not apply the same concept to our rooms?” Guests can choose from a “Pillow Menu” that features goose down-free pillow options stuffed with buckwheat husks, millet husks, kapok tree cotton, allergen-friendly recycled polyester, or a bamboo fiber-based memory foam. The furniture, upholstery, and keycard are made from Piñatex—a pineapple-derived leather material developed by Spanish designer Carmen Hijosa in 2016, now used to make vegan apparel by companies such as Hugo Boss, HSF Collective, and TAIKKA. The flooring is made from sustainable bamboo and topped with ethically sourced organic cotton rugs, while the desk features vegan stationery printed with animal-free ink. The room service menu features juices, breakfast muesli, potato hash, and heartier dishes made with Quorn, while the vegan mini-bar touts a selection of plant-based snacks. The vegan suite is equipped exclusively with cruelty-free toiletries and housekeeping only uses vegan cleaning products by Method and environmentally friendly detergents. “Veganism is not just a dining trend,” Clarke said. “It has become a lifestyle choice for many, and in turn, we want to be the first hotel to be able to offer those who follow the plant-based lifestyle the chance to fully immerse themselves within it from the moment they walk into the hotel.”