California-based vegan company Beyond Meat recently announced the release of the “Beyond Burger 2.0,” a new and improved version of its signature Beyond Burger product. The burger patty was reformulated for a meatier taste and texture, which is the result of a new blend of pea, mung bean, and rice proteins that deliver a more fibrous and chewy texture. The new patty is also lower in saturated fat, kosher-certified, and, just like the original patty, is free of gluten, soy, and genetically modified ingredients. “Beyond Burger 2.0 reflects our consistent march toward that perfect build of meat from plants,” Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown told VegNews. “With each year, we get closer and closer—collapsing the gaps between our products and their animal protein equivalent. Though we recognize that we have distance left to travel, when we achieve a series of advances that bring us closer to the indistinguishable build we seek, I want to get that iteration to market as quickly as we can.”  Currently, the Beyond Burger 2.0 is available at all A&W locations across Canada and at more than 1,000 Carl’s Jr. restaurants in the United States as part of its new Beyond Famous Star burger menu option. “Beyond Burger 2.0 is not perfect but it’s an absolute pleasure to eat—it is meatier, tastier, and has a great mouthfeel,” Brown said. “It reinforces our conviction that all of this is indeed possible.” On Monday, rival company Impossible Foods unveiled the “Impossible Burger 2.0”—a new formulation of its signature vegan burger patty that is “tastier, juicier, and beefier than ever”—at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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