Fast-food chain Carl’s Jr. recently debuted a commercial to advertise its new Beyond Famous Star burger. The commercial departs from the company’s sex-based marketing—which previously featured scantily clad women messily eating animal product-laden burgers—by starting the 17-second advertisement with the statement “ode to a plant,” alongside imagery of a growing seedling. “Tiny plant, so delicate, so new to the world,” the narrator says, “one day, you will grow to be the next iconic burger from Carl’s Jr.,” before an image of the Beyond Famous Star appears. “Legendary meaty flavor; plant-based patty,” the narrator continues. “It goes beyond your wildest burger dreams.” On January 2, Carl’s Jr. added the Beyond Famous Star—made with a plant-based Beyond Burger patty—to the menu of more than 1,000 locations nationwide. While the patty is cooked on the same surface as meat, the burger can be ordered without animal products by omitting cheese and mayonnaise. The Beyond Burger can also be ordered in place of meat for an additional $2 on any burger at participating Carl’s Jr. restaurants.