Gordon Ramsay Promotes Vegan Dish to 6.9 Million Social Media Followers

The world-renowned chef—who was formerly a harsh critic of veganism—is promoting his vegan menu for Veganuary.


Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay promoted the Veganuary campaign on Twitter earlier this week. “Oh lord, it’s happened … we’re giving #veganuary a go this year,” he tweeted. The post included a photo of a vegan Beet Wellington dish and a link to a special Veganuary page on the website of Ramsay’s restaurants Bread Street Kitchen and Heddon Street Kitchen in London. Earlier this month, Ramsay announced a separate vegan menu that he added to his restaurants, developed for customers who have pledged to go vegan this month as part of Veganuary. The menu, which includes dishes such as Beet Wellington, Wild Mushroom and Truffle Risotto, and Roasted Ironbark Pumpkin Soup, is available until February 13.

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