Vegan-friendly beauty brand LUSH Cosmetics recently released a vegan Valentine’s Day collection of bath products, including a suggestive eggplant emoji-shaped bath bomb. “Just the tip … fizzes a little faster than the rest,” LUSH described the new bath bomb. “We’ve brought all your late-night texting to life with this new addition. Eggplant Bath Bomb has sweet, uplifting bergamot and ho wood, plus fresh eggplant. Yes, we did just say ‘ho wood.’” In addition to the eggplant bath bomb, the collection includes several “risque” items. The golden pear-scented Open Your Heart Bra bubbleroon is inspired by Madonna’s iconic pointed bra, while the “curvy” Peachy Bath Bomb harkens back to seductive film Call Me by Your Name. Two products are a play on the story of creation (Eve’s Cherry lip scrub and Adam’s Apple mouthwash tabs), while the number six-shaped Six Reusable bubble bar doubles as a number nine. In addition to launching vegan products to support causes such as ocean conservation, women’s empowerment, and the fight against the palm oil industry, last year, LUSH released festive collections to celebrate Easter, Halloween, and Christmas—each featuring all-vegan bath products.