Vegan actress Natalie Portman appears in new film Vox Lux wearing an entirely animal-free wardrobe. Portman approached costume designer Keri Langerman prior to filming Vox Lux to request that animal products would not be used during the construction of her costumes, to which Langerman obliged. In the film—a “neon drama” which follows a school-shooting survivor turned pop star, the older version of which is played by Portman—the actress wears a vegan leather jacket that Langerman hand-painted in a camera-friendly shade of purple and a custom-made catsuit, along with other outfits made sans animal materials. “It actually makes me wonder if I could do this with more, if not every project, because it is a senseless use of an animal when you can get a cinematic, stunning movie without that,” Landerman, who previously worked with vegan actress Rooney Mara, told Deadline. “I don’t think it was any harder; it was just a different way of doing costumes.” Vox Lux, which also stars Jude Law and 16-year-old actress Raffey Cassidy, was released on December 17 and is currently playing nationwide.