Swedish Fish Debuts Vegan Gummy Hearts at Walmart for Valentine’s Day

The heart-shaped gummy candy is back on shelves at Target and Walmart.


This week, iconic candy brand Swedish Fish relaunched its vegan heart-shaped gummy candies in time for Valentine’s Day. The candy has the same flavor and texture as the original Swedish Fish but is smaller than its fish-shaped counterpart. It is available in 10-ounce packages for $2.69 each at select retailers such as Target and Walmart. Swedish Fish is one of many accidentally-vegan candies such as Sour Patch Kids and Smarties. To make this Valentine’s Day vegan-friendly, beauty brand LUSH Cosmetics debuted a collection of romantic vegan bath products, which includes a suggestive eggplant-shaped bath bomb and the Open Your Heart Bra bubbleroon inspired by Madonna’s iconic pointy bra.

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