Walmart Now Sells Accidentally Vegan Sour Patch Kids Cereal

Your favorite cavity-causing candy is now a sour cereal and that’s a good thing?


Today, cereal brand Post Consumer Brands debuted Sour Patch Kids cereal at Walmart stores nationwide, with plans to expand to other retailers in June. The cereal is made in collaboration with Mondelēz International and features flavors to mimic accidentally vegan candy Sour Patch Kids. “Post’s Sour Patch Kids-flavored cereal brings the sour then sweet taste of the beloved candy brand right to the cereal bowl,” Post Chief Marketing Officer Roxanne Bernstein said. “Fans have been curious about this new sour then sweet cereal, and we can’t wait for them to learn how delicious the cereal is both straight out of the box and with milk.” Plant-based milk, of course. Earlier this month, accidentally vegan candy Swedish Fish relaunched its Valentine’s Day-inspired, heart-shaped gummies at Walmart and Target locations nationwide.