Coworking tech company WeWork led a recent $32-million private investment round in health company Laird Superfood, which produces vegan creamer enriched with medium chain triglycerides (MCT) oils. The creamers are available in chocolate-mint, turmeric, cacao, unsweetened, and original flavors and are made with coconut milk powder, coconut sugar, marine mineral complex Aquamin, and extra virgin coconut oil. Laird was founded by surfer and fitness guru Laird Hamilton who plans to use the funding to develop new products and acquire other like-minded health food brands. “We don’t view ourselves as a one-product company,” Laird co-founder and CEO Paul Hodge told media outlet Food Navigator-USA. “Our strategy is to build a brand based around Laird that you may be able to compare to Newman’s Own, Annie’s, and Amy’s, where you have in essence an individual behind the brand that’s truly authentic.” Laird and WeWork will also make the products available to WeWork members and employees in select coworking office locations in the United States. “Within five years, we intend to have products in every aisle of the grocery store,” Hodge said. In its effort to promote sustainability in the workplace, WeWork launched a policy last year where it no longer pays for employee meals that contain meat.