This week, Canada’s top grocery store Loblaws debuted new vegan options made with products from its private-label brand President’s Choice (PC) in time for the country’s Thanksgiving celebration. The brand collaborated with celebrity chef Craig Harding to create vegan versions of classics. “This weekend, millions of families across the country will be sitting down to a Thanksgiving feast—full of turkey, gravy, and stuffing. And at many of those tables, someone will be looking for a non-meat option for dinner,” Kathlyne Ross, Vice President of Product Development and Innovation at Loblaws parent company Loblaw Companies Limited, said. “Our expanded line-up of President’s Choice products that are meat and dairy-free will help make plant-based eating easier and more delicious than ever, particularly this holiday weekend.” The new options include three sides: Kale, Delicata Squash, and Kohlrabi Salad featuring PC’s Cucumber and Dill Cashew Dip; Roasted Celery Root and Pear Soup with Red Pepper made with PC’s coconut-based kefir, Cashew Crostini, and PC’s cashew-based Roasted Red Pepper Dip; and Citrus Roasted Heirloom Carrots and Avocado with Toasted Togarashi Seed and Nut Blend on a bed of PC’s organic garlic hummus. Loblaws offers Mushroom and Chickenless Chicken Wellington featuring PC’s vegan chicken and gravy as an entrée and Vegan Tiramisu featuring PC’s coconut-based yogurt and kefir for dessert. All of the items are placed throughout stores in various departments and are clearly labeled with a “plant-based logo” for easy identification. Whole Foods Canada is also offering a vegan Thanksgiving feast this year made in collaboration with vegan chef Jenné Claiborne.

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