On May 24, 2020, Food Not Bombs will celebrate its 40th anniversary at the Food Not Bombs Soupstock global festival. Food Not Bombs is a group of independent collectives that share free vegan food with the hungry in nearly 1,000 communities in at least 65 countries, and provides food and logistical support for social justice protests and relief efforts. Its anniversary celebration is intended to inspire the public to join in the group’s work to end hate, war, poverty, and the destruction of the environment. As part of the celebration, Food Not Bombs chapters will hold free festivals in communities around the world which will feature live music, poetry, free vegan meals, art and information booths, a free market, and children’s activities. Many of the festivals will go for 24 hours and pass off the baton from city to city. A live online feed will offer viewers and participants the opportunity to support the group’s efforts with donations. Food Not Bombs has encouraged the public to go vegan from the first meals they served, starting at the anti-nuclear protest at Seabrook Nuclear Power Station on May 24, 1980. The group does not serve meat or other animal products as a way to avoid complicity with the exploitation of slaughterhouse workers and the cruel and violent conditions of the animal agriculture industry, and to reduce their impact on the climate crisis.

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