A new line of creamy vegan dips by salsa brand Fresh Cravings recently debuted at Walmart stores nationwide. The new line is made with almonds and cashews instead of dairy and is available in 8-ounce tubs in five flavors: Kickin’ Queso Style Cashew, Zesty Ranch Cashew, Creamy Dill Cashew, Creamy Garlic Almond, Spicy Garlic Almond, and Smokehouse Almond. “We believe that plant-based foods are not a trend, it’s a shift in consumer preference and is moving to become a lasting part of the American culinary lifestyle. Until now, Fresh Cravings has been known as a refrigerated salsa brand, and this launch positions us as a significant player in the growing plant-based food space,” Jay Whitney, President of Fresh Cravings’ parent company FoodStory Brands, said. “We pushed ourselves to accelerate our innovation process as we see tremendous opportunity to deliver healthier alternatives at highly competitive prices to all consumers.” In addition to Walmart, other flavors of Fresh Cravings dips—including two sweet varieties: Organic Creamy Vanilla Cashew Dip and Organic Chocolate Mousse Cashew Dip—are also available at retail chain Publix with plans to expand distribution to additional outlets.