Vegan fashion house 36 Chambers—created by legendary hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan member and longtime vegan RZA—recently launched a limited-edition collection of plant-based wallets. Available in two styles (bi-fold and passport), the Cloud Camo wallets are made from the fibers of banana trees that would otherwise be discarded and printed with a cloud camouflage and bamboo tree pattern that draws inspiration from Japanese forest spirits, Kodama, and Japan’s bamboo forests. The eco-conscious history of Japan’s forests falls in line with 36 Chambers’ practice of infusing ideas of cultural significance into its apparel and accessories. The PETA-approved wallets are made in an ethically responsible factory on the island of Kosrae, where the factory employees are paid fair living wages. In 2016, RZA launched 36 Chambers’ first collection of vegan wallets and pledged to remove all animal products from the men’s fashion house by 2017.