This month, Canadian apparel company BOÏDA unveiled its newest winter coat: the VEGAGOOZ. The vegan winter parka is made with a blend of corn-based fibers and reinforced with special patent-pending layers. The company created the down-free parka as an alternative to popular Canadian brands such as North Face that sell parkas made with goose down—a material that subjects 30 to 90 million birds to cruel live-plucking four times per year. “I’m excited to be able to offer an alternative to down coats that is not only cruelty-free, but with its partially plant-based insulation, it is a more eco-friendly product,” BOÏDA’s Designer and Founder An Pham said. “In addition, its European construction is one that combines beautiful cut and high quality, so I hope it will meet the needs of people looking for an option that truly combines fashion and compassion.” Until November 15, VEGAGOOZ is available for preorder for $389—with an estimated arrival of January 31, 2020—after which it will increase to its regular price of $465.

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