Beloved New York City vegan restaurant Candle 79 will close its doors on December 31, 2019 due to real estate developments in Manhattan’s Upper East Side neighborhood.

“It is with great sadness and immense gratitude to you all that we share this news,” the restaurant announced on Facebook. Bart Potenza and his partner Joy Pierson—who also operate vegan eateries Candle Cafe and Candle Cafe West—opened Candle 79 in 2003. “As we’ve grown, we’ve watched in awe as people throughout the world have changed minds, hearts, and lifestyles to embrace a way of eating that is healthier, kinder, and gentler for all,” the restaurant wrote. “We are proud to know that our work helped light the fire for this beautiful revolution of the spirit.” The restaurant is still taking reservations for its final weeks in operation and will host a New Year’s Eve celebration to “blow out Candle 79 in style.” “We thank you for the privilege of serving four generations for the past sixteen years. It has been our honor to feed you, celebrate with you, and call you our family,” the restaurant posted on Facebook. “Keep on being the change.”

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