Food technology company Swebol Biotech recently filed a patent for new vegan milk alternative Quiny. The company—which was founded in 2015 by Adventure AB, the business developer behind vegan brand Oatly—is comprised of a team of researchers from Bolivia and Sweden that developed vegan milk from royal white quinoa that is ethically sourced from the Andes in Bolivia. The unsweetened beverage will be available as a ready-to-drink milk or powder in regular and chocolate flavors. “Our background is with oats and Oatly, and we strongly believe we can do it again with this unique collaboration, Quiny,” Swebol CEO Olof Böök told Foodnavigator-USA. “It’s well known that the quality of quinoa grown in Bolivia is one of the best in the world, so we use the best quality raw material combined with the knowledge we had to make liquid oats.” Quiny will be produced locally and is already creating job opportunities in the region. Swebol is currently in talks with distribution companies with the aim of getting Quiny on shelves in Latin America in early 2020.

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