This week, online retailer Zappos launched Goods for Good, a purpose-driven platform that helps shoppers buy products that align with their ethical beliefs. Shoppers can now navigate the website through five filters: Vegan, Sustainably Certified, Organic, Recycled, and Give Back (products with a charitable component). In the vegan category, customers will find shoes, accessories, and apparel that do not contain any animal products by brands such as Matt & Nat, Tom’s, and Native Shoes. “We know for our customers every purchase matters and they’re passionate about investing in products that contribute to a greater good,” Steven Bautista, Head of Charitable Giving at Zappos, said. “We want to ensure the best service and shopping experience possible, so we’ve made it fast and easy for them to view all relevant products at once and learn about each brand’s purpose.” Last month, new web browser extension Tribe launched to help shoppers make cruelty-free purchases on Amazon.