Czech Republic food brand Mana recently debuted a nutritionally complete plant-based burger in the United States, Czech Republic, and Germany. The Mana Burger is made from plant proteins such as pea, algae, mung bean, hemp, and brown rice and fortified with a variety of vitamins and minerals to create the ideal balance of protein (20 grams), fat (22 grams), carbohydrates (8.2 grams), and fiber (4.2 grams). It is also rich in omega-3 DHA and EPA fatty acids, and delivers a 22-gram mix of five different plant oils, including algae and flaxseed. Created by entrepreneur Jakub Krejcik out of his garage in 2014, the Mana brand began with Mana Powder, a nutritionally complete meal replacement that was Europe’s first functional food. “We are thrilled to already be sharing our powder with the US and plan to do the same with the burger next summer,” Krejciktold media outlet Prague Morning. “This is not a food intended for vegans only. On the contrary, it is an alternative for lovers of meat and beef burgers who want to eat healthy food that’s nutritionally complete and environmentally friendly. We are convinced that this is the healthiest plant burger in the world.” Pre-sales of the Mana Burger are now available with delivery to the US to begin next summer. Mana plans to gradually expand its product to supermarkets soon after. 

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