Last week, fast-food chain KFC sold out of limited-edition vegan chicken options within six hours of adding it to the menu at one test location in Mississauga, ON. On November 27, customers waited in line for more than an hour for the vegan chicken, made by Lightlife Foods, which was available for one day in two ways: Plant-Based Fried Chicken Sandwich and Popcorn Chicken (both of which were cooked in a separate fryer that is also used for French fries). The feedback KFC Canada gathered during its one-day test will inform the chain’s plans to expand the two vegan options nationwide in 2020. The trial yielded similar results as its test run in the United States earlier this August, when the chain transformed a KFC in Atlanta, GA into a green-hued outpost that sold vegan chicken made by Beyond Meat for one day—and sold out of it within five hours, with customers buying the vegan chicken equivalent of what KFC sells of its animal-based popcorn chicken in one week.

Photo credits: @tocravings and @tasteofmississauga